Alai and Trans-Alai Ranges in South-western Kyrgyzstan - Taldyk and Tengizbai Passes, Aram-Kungei, Altyn-Dara and other gorges. 

July 1-20.

Collecting items:
7 species of Parnassius - tianschanicus insignis, actius muzzafir, jacquemonti variabilis, staudinger infernalis, staudingeri illustris, simonius simonius, simonius grayi, charltonius romanovi, charltonius aenigma and 11 (!) species of Colias - regia, romanovi, alpherakyi, eogene elissa, wiskotti separata, cocandica nastoides, alta, christophi helialaica, erate, staudingeri pamira and thisoa aeolides, about 15 species of Satyridae- mostly Paralasa, Karanasa, Hyponephele and Erebia, various Nymphalidae, including several species of Melitaea, a dozen species ofLycaenidae and Hesperidae. Moth collecting is also very productive (especially for Noctuidae, Geometridae and Arctiidae) due to many excellent primary meadows and steppe plots, nice for moth inhabiting, in this area. Beetle fauna is one of richest in Tien Shan, including several endemic and rare Carabus species.

Staying in tents. The camp will be at altitude 2,800-3,300 meters.

A minimum group size is three person.