Chatkal and Sandalash Ranges - Chanach and Chap-Chyma Passes, Western Kyrgyzstan.

June 25 - July 15.

Collecting items:
Papilio alexanor, 6 species of Parnassius - tianschanicus chimganus, maximinus, mnemosyne valentina, delphius namanganus, patricius luewigi and actius dubitabilis, 4 species of Colias - draconis, cocandica pljushtchi, erate, romanovi, 12 species of Satyridae - mostly Paralasa, Karanasa, Hyponephele and Erebia, several species of Melitaea and other Nymphalidae, two dozen species of Lycaenidae and Hesperidae. Moth collector will found a many species of Noctuidae, Geometridae, Arctidae, Sphingidae and numerous Microlepidoptera. This area is one of the best in the Middle Asia for collecting various Carabidae beetles, including several very rare Carabus.

Staying in tents. The camp will be at altitude 2,000-2,800 meters.

A minimum group size is three persons.