Baidulu Range in Inner Kyrghyzstan - Dolon Pass. The camp will be at altitude 3,200 meters.

June 20 - July 10.

Collecting items:
4 species of Parnassius - davydovi, actius dubitabilis, tianschanicus thiseus, delphius menander (both typical and styx formsmnemosyne nivalis, and 5 species of Colias - staudingeri pamira, cocandica pljushtchi, regia, thisoa aeolides, erate, alta and romanovi, about 10 species of Satyridae - mostly Erebia, Karanasa, Paralasa and Hyponephele, some Melitaea and other Nymphalidae, Lycaenidae and Hesperidae. Moths represented mostly by various Noctuidae, Geometridae, Arctiidae and Microlepidoptera. Beetles and another groups of Insects occur in this area are less investigated, so there is real possibility to discover undescribed taxa new for the counry's checklist.

Staying in tents. Camping, at altitude 3,000-3,300 meters.

A minimum group size is three persons.