You have a car with a driver per group for each tour. The driver will be also your guide in the collecting area. You attend to stay in tents during the field-time of tours, because there are no hotels and villages in the tour areas. You can stay in hotels and feed in restaurants during some tours, where is available this services. The driver will arrange cooking meals during the tours in the places, where we have not restaurants.

    Totally we will provide following services included in costs:

  • Providing of permissions for collecting and export;
  • Picking-up and seeing of in the Airport of Bishkek;
  • Transport together with driver for both clients and equipment;
  • Meals;
  • Professional entomological consultation.

There are services not included in costs:

  • Accommodation in hotel - EURO 30-100 per person dayly;
  • Feeding in restaurants - EURO 35-45 per person dayly;
  • Hire of cook, doctor and interpreter - each EURO 25.00 per group dayly;
  • Hire of helicopter - EURO 750.00 per hour per group;
  • Resting program as visit museums, socializing, sauna etc. - cost are variable but acceptable.

We can provide various other services not included in costs, as well as we can arrange your trip in other areas of the region and various dates, than it stated in the tour prospectus. Please inquire us before the tour.

    We are giving discounts to organizer of group to 25-100% from the tour cost, in accordance the quantity of members in group. To have discount you should organize a group no less than three persons (without yourself).

    You should send to the tour manager as soon as a possible and not later April 30 a deposit of EURO 250.00 per person and following information for processing your permits: passport number, surname, forename, address, date and place of birth. The deposit will cover preparation of visa and permits, provisions, etc. The balance is due on the first day of tour in cash (no checks!). Please ask the tour manager for the deposit payment details.

    You will need to bring following items for the tour with yourself:

  • A small backpack for excursions;
  • One-man tent, sleeping bag, airbed / carry-mat and warm clothes for field trip;
  • Collecting and photographic equipment;
  • If you wish to collect at night you should bring a portable generator and moth trapping equipment.