Coast of Issyk-Kul Lake near Cholpon-Ata, Kadzhisai and Karakol (Przhewalsk) cities, in mountain areas. The Issyk-Kul is one of largest lakes in the World. This area becomes a famous health resort with many thousands tourists. You will see spectacular views of the Lake and mountains. You can enjoy a coastal rest with bathing in the lake, going on boat etc. The temperature of water and air is very comfortable for the rest.

July 1-20.

Collecting items:
6 species of Parnassius - apollo, mnemosyne, tianschanicus, actius, delphius, patricius, 6 species of Colias - staudingeri sspp, regia, thisoa aeolides, erate, hyale grieshuberi and cocandica pljushtchi, about 20 species of Satyridae, including Paralasa, Karanasa, Coenonympha, Erebia and Hyponephele, various Melitaea and other Nymphalidae and more than two dozen species of Lycaenidae and Hesperidae. Some species couid be collected in Issyk-Kul Area only. The fauna of moths and beetles is also very variable and nice. A many interesting species of dragonflies and other water insects will be collected at coastal areas of the Lake.

Staying in camp at altitude 1,800-2,200 meters.

A minimum group size is three persons. This is a best tour for old tourists with limited physical potentialities.