Kokshaal-Too Range in South-eastern Kyrghyzstan - near Dankov's Peak, At-Bashi and Naryn Ranges. 

June 25 - July 15.

Collecting items:
6 species of Parnassius - tianschanicus thiseus, delphius albulus, boedromius prasolovi, patricius priamus, actius ambrosius, mnemosyne nivalis and 7 species of Colias - staudingeri staudingeri, regia, cocandica pljushtchi, thisoa aeolides, erate, alta and romanovi, about 15 species of Satyridae - mostly Karanasa, Paralasa, Hyponephele and Coenonympha, various Melitaea and other Nymphalidae, Lycaenidaeand Hesperidae, including several rare species. Moth fauna is also rich, including many endemic and rare species, especially Microlepidoptera. There is no enough information about beetle fauna in the area. Entomofauna of the Kokshaal-Too is one of less similar to the ones over Tien Shan.

Staying in tents. The camp will be at altitude 3,000-3,400 meters.

A minimum group size is three persons.