Sergei Akindinovich

      Date of birth: November 16, 1952. Education: Kyrgyz State University, Biological Faculty. Speciality: Biologist.
      Professional employment: 1976-1981 - Director of Zoological Museum (Kyrgyz State University). 1981-1990 - Head of Ichthyology service (Regional Administration for the protection of fish resources in Kyrgyz and Tadjik SSRs). 1990-2000 - Manager of the Group for providing of foreign hunt tours (Kyrgyz Union for Hunting & Fishery). Experienced in organising of trophy hunts for Marcopolo Argali. During whole period of work the main interest is collection of palaearctic lepidopterans, and study of pre-imaginal biology of butterflies, including elaboration of methods for the breeding in lab conditions.
      Participant/organiser in over 60 field expeditions in Middle Asia and Kazakhstan. Member of Kyrgyz Entomological Society, one of compilers of the Genetical Fund Cadastre and Red Data Book (2nd edition) of Kyrgyzstan.
      Since 2000 up to present - owner of free enterprise and full-time amateur entomologist, researcher of pre-imaginal biology of butterflies, provider of scientific expeditions for foreign entomologists.

Alexander Borisovich

      Date of birth: December 23, 1953. Education: Kazakh State University, Biological Faculty. Speciality: Zoologist.
      Professional employment: 1980-1983 - postgraduate student in Zoological Institute (USSR Acad. Sci.); PhD thesis on Lepidoptera fauna of Kazakhstan. 1984-1987 - worker in All-Union Institute of Plant Protection, researcher of pheromones in butterflies pests. Since 1988 up to present - Senior Sci. Researcher of Entomology Dpt. of Institute of Zoology (Kazakh Ministry of Education & Science). Field of study - fauna, life-history and ecology of butterflies of Middle Asia and Kazakhstan.
      Participant in over 60 field entomological expeditions in Central-Asian region. 135 publications; over 40 butterfly new taxa described. Skilled photographer, designer in many books, magazines, booklets, museums; had 2 personal photo exhibitions about knowing and protection of wild nature (St. Petersburg, 2003, 2004); more than once awarded participant of the Almaty Gold Lens photo competition.